Need help?

Are you interested in the residency and citizenship-by-investment route, but feel daunted and perhaps overwhelmed by the next steps? Are you uncertain of how to go about it, of how to find a reputable emigration/legal consultant, of which country might be the most suitable, and of the  cost and duration?
We can offer some assistance. We have established contacts with a network of highly skilled 2nd residency and citizenship professionals and companies. While we do not get involved with application processing, we do an initial assessment and then introduce you to some of the top international, industry-leading, legal advisory firms specializing in citizenship and residence solutions.
There is no referral or introduction fee and you will be contacted without any obligation or pressure by professionals who will be able to answer questions and offer fast, efficient and cost-effective residency and citizenship solutions covering almost 30 countries, all budgets and starting at U$100,000 (Dominica), U$200,000 (Grenada), €350,000 (Portugal), up to a three-month fast-track citizenship option for €2 million (Cyprus). All of the above  have strong passports, allowing for visa-free travel to between 130 an 160 countries, including the Schengen zone.
If you need some help and have questions, please contact as at: