The Residency and Citizenship for Investors website is a guide to all aspects of investor-class emigration, in other words how to use capital to obtain foreign residency and a 2nd citizenship in over 30 countries.

The website is managed by Johann van Rooyen PhD, the founding Director of the Citizenship by Investment Research Consultancy (CIRC), and author several books in the fields of politics, business and migration. He delivers presentations at world-class conferences on migratio-related issues, through the media and publishes research through printedd media and blogs. 

The website is part of a larger project consisting of three years of extensive research which culminated in:

The founding of the Citizenship by Investment Research Consultancy (CIRC), which  focuses on independent research in global financial, political and especially migration issues.

The publication of the eBook: Residency and Citizenship through Investment - The 2017 Report for Emigrants, Expatriates and Investors.     The book deals with citizenship by investment, in other words how to obtain residency and/or a 2nd citizenship by making an investment in more than 30 countries. It will appeal to those who want to escape politically and financially unstable regions of the world and are prepared to make an investment to secure the right to settle in safe and welcoming developed countries and enjoy the privilege of travelling with a second passport unencumbered by onerous visa restrictions.

Johann van Rooyen can be contacted at: