The Residency and Citizenship for Investors website is a guide to all aspects of investor migration, in other words how to use capital to obtain foreign residency and a 2nd citizenship in over 30 countries.

The website is part of a larger project consisting of four years of extensive research which culminated in:
1.The founding of the Citizenship &  Residence Research Consultants (CRRC), which focuses on independent research in global financial, political and especially migration issues. 

2. The publication of the eBook: Residency and Citizenship for Investors 2018 - Investment Migration Options for Emigrants, Expatriates and Global Citizens.

The book deals with investor migration, and how to obtain residency and/or a 2nd citizenship by making an investment in 32 countries. It offers solutions to investors and emigrants who want to escape politically and financially unstable regions of the world and are prepared to make an investment to secure the right to settle in safe and welcoming countries - the ultimate 21st-century insurance policy.

It is also aimed at global citizens who want to travel with a powerful second passport with visa-free access to a large number of countries. And finally, it will be useful to the Baby-Boomer generation looking to retire in comfortable and affordable countries with beaches, golf courses, tropical, subtropical or Mediterranean climates, and yet with adequate comforts, good infrastructure and healthcare, and some substantial tax benefits.

3. CIRC presents its ongoing research and publications at global conferences and through the media and speakers can be booked on a fee-basis for individual presentations. Please contact CIRC for more information: residencycitizenship@outlook.com


The website is managed by Johann van Rooyen Ph.D., the founding Director of the CRRC, and author several books in the fields of politics, business and migration.

He can be contacted at: