How to apply

  1. Decide if you simply want a 2nd travel passport or want to emigrate to establish permanent residency in another country. These are not exclusive, but require different approaches, including formal emigration and tax considerations. 
  2. Make a shortlist of your favorites countries and those within your budget. 
  3. Contact me if you need an introduction to personally-vetted world-class 2nd citizenship companies, at: residencycitizenship@outlook.comThis is a free service to buyers of the book and includes a preliminary evaluation and introduction to 2nd citizenship companies.
  4. If you chose (3), you will then be contacted without any obligation or cost by a citizenship by investment agent – for most Caribbean programmes you can only work with an authorized agent, but in all cases, you should use a lawyer or a firm specializing in 2nd passports. 
  5. The CBI agent will conduct an interview, asses your eligibility and go through the process with you – by now you will pay a deposit for the fees due. 
  6. The CBI agent will work with you to obtain supporting documentation, do due diligence checks and will submit your application to the country of your choice. 
  7. You will receive a letter confirming your approval in principle within months. 
  8. Now you get a chance to spend your money, either by investing in a property, business, government project or by making a once-off donation to some government fund. 
  9. You will be issued with the necessary documentation confirming your permanent residency or, in some countries, your citizenship. 
  10. In most Caribbean countries, there is often no need for an interview with government departments and or to be present in those countries before or after citizenship is issued, but much more stringent rules apply for North America, Europe, Mauritius and Australasia. 
  11. In all cases applicants must be 18+ and will have to prove that they are of good character, have no criminal record, pass a background check, provide proof and source of funds, and be healthy. 
  12. In most cases, you can get your residency within three to nine months and passports between three months to five years, depending on the country of choice. 
  13. In most countries, you don't have to formally emigrate to get a 2nd passport, but make sure to get permission if needed, and consider the tax implications of foreign residency and/or citizenship.