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Johann van Rooyen completed a doctorate at the University of Cape Town in 1992, specializing in the politics of ethnic nationalism.  He lectured part-time at the Universities of Cape Town and Rhodes and published several political works during the 1990s, including Hard Right: South Africa’s New White Power (St Martins Press). He also contributed chapters in Democratic Nation-building and Election-1994 South Africa. In 2010 he published the biography of one of South Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs, businessman Renier van Rooyen, the founder of Pep Stores.

His interest in the subject of emigration and his personal experience resulted in the publication of The New Great Trek – the Story of South Africa’s White Exodus and his latest book is Residency and Citizenship for Investors 2018: Investment Migration Options for Emigrants, Expatriates and Global Citizens.

Dr van Rooyen runs the 
Citizenship & Residence Research Consultants (CRRC), which focusses on global financial, political and migration research. He delivers presentations at international conferences and through the media and blogs.

He can be booked as a speaker on a fee-basis and his topics for 2019 include:

🆕"The political, financial and demographic trends that will impact migration and the         2nd passport industry"
🆕"Global risks and opportunities in the Citizenship by Investment industry"
🆕"Global migration - the drivers, patterns and consequences" 
🆕 "Global Mobility and Migration - the options available to skilled Workers, Entrepreneurs, Retirees, Investors, and Refugees.  

 His most recent international presentations include:

"Socio-economic and political drivers behind the growing demand for 2nd passports: recent developments, trends and case studies" at the Citizenship by Investment & International Residence Summit Geneva, June 2016. 

📤"Foreign Residence and 2nd passport trends, options and benefits for South African citizens" at the Citizenship and Residence by Investment Seminar for South African Investors and Emigrants, Cape Town, October 2016.

📤 "The Political, financial and demographic trends that will influence the 2nd passport industry in 2017 and beyond" at the Citizenship by Investment & International Residence Summit Middle East, October 2016. 

📤 "Global risks and opportunities: the CBI industry in 2017" at the Cross Border Planning for the Private Client, Dubai May 2017, Singapore August 2017 and London, September 2017.

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Johann van Rooyen can be contacted at:

Email: residencycitizenship@outlook.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2ndPassports
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