The 2nd Passport Industry

The quest by hundreds of thousands of emigrants to use their capital to obtain residency and citizenship has led to a whole industry consisting of consultants, advisors, lawyers, bankers and investment firms, and these range from the unscrupulous to the many world-class professionals firms listed below. 
 Top of the list of professional firms is probably Henley and Partners run by Swiss national, Christian Kalin. The firm has 20 offices worldwide and claims that it created ‘the concept of residence and citizenship planning’ in the 1990s and has assisted governments to raise US$4 billion in direct investment through citizenship or residency programmes by 2014. It is worthwhile reading the fascinating story behind Henley & Partners and others published in a 2015 Bloomberg article.
The second largest firm is probably the Canadian-based Arton Capital with 12 offices around the world and claimed to have helped to attract US$2.5 billion in foreign direct investment to targeted countries.

With thousands of legal and immigration professionals, Fragomen claims to be the world's largest general migration firm. It has a dedicated Worldwide Private Client division which offers citizenship and residency planning for high-net worth individuals.

CS Global Partners is a London-based legal advisory firm specializing in citizenship and residence solutions, headed by Micha-Rose Emmett, with 10 offices across the world. It holds government mandates from three Caribbean states, St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, and Grenada and has exclusive rights to market St Lucia’s citizenship by investment programme in Asia and the Far East.
Elma Global with its main offices in Moscow and the Ukraine and a network of business partners in ‘attractive jurisdictions’ across the world.

Monarch and Company is South African-based and headed up by CEO, James Bowling. It is offering its clients immigrant investor programmes for residence and citizenship, investment properties and personal and corporate structures in about 11  countries around the world.

OneWorld is one of the leading advisory, corporate and business services firms in Cyprus, with offices in Nicosia, Limassol and associated offices around the world. It provides financial and business solutions to corporate and private clients, including citizenship and residence services. OneWorld offers fiduciary solutions to clients who move internationally, possibly own property in different countries and who often have international situations and requirements - it covers tax, immigration, citizenship aspects and also international private law and real estate structuring.